Sunday, October 19, 2003

DMC's viola October...

Some recent guest recording spots - with:

  • Blake Hazard
  • - 3 or 4 songs on her upcoming record... engineered by studio whiz John Dragonetti.

  • Ida
  • - for one song on their upcoming record (thanks Dan, Liz, and Karla!). Ida is a band with beautiful vocal harmonies with an earthy folk pop sense. They asked me to play some huge waves of chaotic feedback for what Dan says might be the quietest song on the record... anyone who knows Ida might smile at that.

    It was through them a few years ago that I met a few people who became good friends, like Tim Walsh in the Boston area, and Fluffy Erskine and company, from Montreal, which grew into a fine musical relationship with Molasses and Empty House Cooperative. (- so thanks again, for that.)

    Ida was doing some tracking at Andy Hong's studio, with Warn Defever on hand as "that man behind the curtain" from the Land of Oz.

    Andy is a regular contributor to the most excellent Tape Op Magazine. Coincidentally; Larry and John, the editor and publisher of Tape Op Magazine, were visiting.
  • Tape Op

  • xox

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