Sunday, October 03, 2004

Thalia Zedek Tour Report #1

September 28th, a long overnight flight to Amsterdam, followed by a day of city walking, among rings of canals and crooked buildings. September 30th, we played at the Paradiso, an old theatre, retro-fitted with modern sound and stage equipment, including hydraulic lifts through the floor and stage. The show was packed. Two old friends of mine were in attendance, while on their honeymoon here. Our first show was a good one, and shows will get better as jet-lag wears off... Giant Sand had a legion of the faithful to fill the room, and there were many Thalia fans as well. Our good friend Maz did our sound, and we caught up on old times. I originally met him from the early days of Willard Grant Conspiracy.

October 1: setting up now for second show in Hasselt, Belgium, in a nowhere of industrial buildings, where the most interesting thing is the moss between the bricks that I'm sitting on, outside in the sun. Getting to know the Giant Sand folks better. Howe (G.S.) has a band made up of handsome and earnest Danish boys. We're having fun trying to pronounce their names.

The show rocks, for both bands... Giant Sand play it loose and get the audience involved.

October 2, a day off for the Thalia Zedek band while Giant Sand play an american roots music festival called "Take Root". I head off to explore Gent's old city, public meat market, and castle area. It's "leather weather" (as in jacket).


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