Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Thalia Zedek Tour Report #9

Saturday, October 30. Day Off, Bolgna, Italy.

We have a few travel days between Italy and our next show, far to the north in the Land of Queen Elizabeth. We stay at Francesco and Elisa's place in Bologna and what do we do on our day off from playing loud rock shows? We go to a loud rock show! It's the last place I want to be, but the band is a friend of Thalia's, the same friends that we visited at the countryside recording studio a few days back. One of the musicians is Sean Meadows, who is also the bass player in a band i like called Lungfish.

On the way, pizza with friend's from Francesco's band... Zeus & Lorenzo, and also Elisa and Claudia.

Sunday, October 31, Day Off, Milan, Italy.

We say goodbye to Francesco and Elisa, and take a train to Milan. At the station, we cross travel paths with Hugo from Turin's venue Hiroshima. He is travelling with a band.

The train station in Milan is huge and mostly marble. There are fountains protruding from the walls that are faces spitting water. Most construction in Italy and many other European countries uses very little wood. It's all cement, plaster, stucco, stone, ceramic tile and similar materials.

Thalia and Daniel go to a bar for dinner, and I go for a walk around the city.

Later at the hotel, we are able to catch up on the news with CNN. There is a lot of anxiety about the election. I'd love to see bush voted out.

Also causing anxiety are the new weight limit restrictions on Ryan Air, which is a cheap shuttle service, but they've changed the luggage weight limit, now extremely in their favor. Over-weight luggage costs a lot of money, and a travelling band usually weighs more than a tourist.

Happy Birthday Kim Jones!


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