Monday, March 20, 2006

Rinde Eckert's ORPHEUS X - March 25 - April 23, 2006 (LINK)

Rinde Eckert, creator of HIGHWAY ULYSSES, is in town with his new venture "Orpheus X", directed by Robert Woodruff. Go see it at the Zero Arrow Theatre in Harvard Square, Cambridge.

Empty House Cooperative performed in Highway Ulysses...
I will always appreciate the bravery of Rinde and Robert Woodruff's choice to include EHC in that production. From the start, they were interested in our "timbre", or textural tone... EHC is very loose, musically, and I've heard that most musical productions in theatre are more about handing the musicians and stage performers a score and then "GO!" - But EHC has varying skill in that department, and is generally improvisatory by nature, and the entire process was very organic from start to finish.

Music Director Peter Foley provided structure and glue to EHC's timbre and tone, and together with Rinde's compositions and lyrics, and a fine cast of actors and singers, we all created an unforgettable experience.
Pictured above: the Empty House Cooperative with playwright Rinde Eckert.
left to right: Chris Brokaw, Rinde, Jonah Sacks and David Michael Curry with his coat rack bass - during their stint with the American Repertory Theatre's HIGHWAY ULYSSES.
photo by Dominic Chavez from Boston Globe for a story by Joan Anderman, March 14, 2003.

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