Thursday, June 01, 2006

空の家の共同体 = EHC

From Scott, of the band Molasses, who is now living in Japan:i had a bored hour on my hands,
so i made you a japanese present:

the line above says:
"kara no ie no kyoudoutai"
basically, that means:
"cooperative body belonging to the house which contains nothing"
heh heh...


  1. is there ever going to be another molasses record?

  2. speaking of which, what about another ehc record?

  3. i'm betting there will be more heard from molasses, but when the main creative force lives in japan and the rest of the familiars are half a world away, things are slow. (like the name).

    as for ehc records, i'd love it if a record label like kranky, atavistic, alien 8, thrill jockey, or table of the elements would approach out-of-the-blue, but until then, i'll hand out music to friends and music people in brown paper bags and daydream about saving pennies for self-release.

  4. Anonymous8:35 PM

    i posted before has upontheroof. i created a login just to post and can't figure out what i used for a password. anyway, i have the one cd you put out but was wondering about these paper bag cd's. anyway, i could get more recordings of you folks? maybe we could trade some stuff? i could send you a package of really good books perhaps.

  5. upontheroof:

    e-mail me off site about the bag records - i usually just carry a few around with me and hand them to friends and such, and am not very good about mailing things. especially if it happens to be overseas, but who knows?
    i guess i like to know who i'm giving to... i've added my e-mail to my profile.