Friday, March 28, 2008

Sing and Scream...

Music for you: David Michael Curry - "Sing and Scream"

This uses Flashplayer. Follow this link and then look for "Download Original" on the right to get an MP3 (around 16MB). Sorry it's not a direct link, it's a free hosting service. Sometimes there are other ads for things that might say "download", like for unrelated audio converters and such, so again, be careful that it's the blue music note and small plain blue text type saying "Download Original".

Solo viola over a dark loop sample, 13 minutes, 42 seconds. Sounds similar in mood to Empty House Cooperative. The root of the loop is viola and reverb effects manipulated an octave lower. I recorded this in my apartment with direct signals from the amplifier and Line-6 loop sampler mixed with live microphones on the viola and in front of the amplifier, a Fender Princeton Reverb. The last five minutes is mostly shrieking feedback viola voicings... a sweet start and scary end. The reverb swell at the end is in the live performance with knob-turning of the reverb on the amplifier. My usual effects pedals include a lightweight Boss FV-50-H volume pedal, Boss Digital Reverb/Delay RV-3, Pro-Co RAT (distortion), Bixonic Expandora 2 (distortion), Line-6 loop sampler, Boss RC-20 Loop Station.

An experiment in sharing music... If a monthly download limit is reached, it may become temporarily unavailable, but somehow, I doubt that will happen.

- Enjoy.

- Dave


  1. You are like a wizard with that instrument.

  2. Like with all your music, this has a wonderful organic flavor to it. Completely unforced and natural, but also inventive and surprising.