Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Come: Saints Around My Neck, reunion show in Spain, November, 2008

This is just a snip from a song, but in my opinion, it's one of the most powerful modern songs in existence. It's the last part of "Saints Around My Neck" performed by one of Boston's best bands, COME, who reunited for a show at the Tanned Tin Festival in Spain in November 2008. Featuring Thalia Zedek singing and guitar, Chris Brokaw on guitar, Daniel Coughlin on drums, and Winston Braman on bass. The night was sold out, but there were a couple other people from Boston in attendance, and we were all brought to tears. (OK, the Bostonians were mainly just me and Mel Lederman from the Thalia Zedek Band, which performed the previous night.)

with Love,

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  1. Noemí7:58 PM

    The performance of that song gave me goosebumps (and that doesn't happen often). Thank you all for a great weekend and hopefully see you soon.