Tuesday, February 24, 2009

History Post: EHC on hinah...

Time to remember and reconnect with hinah... old friends and musical & photographical taste-makers from France. Laurent and Eloise were early supporters of Empty House Cooperative, and their multi-media empire includes an extensive catalog of limited-release CDs, beautiful photographs by Laurent Orseau, reviews, favorite lists, creative writings, an archive of exclusive MP3 gifts of musicians they have some relationship with, and more...

LINK to Empty House Cooperative gift: Middle East Restaurant Dinner Music.
This is an early, slightly awkward recording, around 1998, i think, plus a later solo violin piece.
I appreciate it as a reference point for showing the learning curve of a shifting sound. Things have changed, but it's kind of cool to hear where EHC came from...

LINK to EHC: Improvisational Music - the limited edition CD that was later edited and mastered and became "Painted Plane" (Sedimental Records). This page of hinah includes all the info, but the disc is long ago sold out.

Thanks hinah, for keeping up with what's new and for maintaining the old archive stuff as well.

EHC pics of DMC, Chris Brokaw, and Jonah Sacks by Leslie Brokaw

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