Sunday, August 02, 2009

Metal & Glass Ensemble at The Nave, June 19, 2009.

91 minutes and 17 seconds of pure droney bliss, free for you to enjoy.
Info on the players, the piece, and download, at the link:

Metal & Glass Ensemble is a Boston-based improvisational group with a rotating membership who create acoustic drone-based music with bowed cymbals and other metal objects, and glasses tuned to a just-intoned 23-note octave. This just scale, employing whole-number ratios akin to a natural harmonic overtone series, is the only formal tuning used in the group. The bowed metal generates its own shifting but interrelated pitch classes, while the instrumental players contribute using a variety of microtonal intonations. In this way the music is liberated from the 12-tone equal-tempered octave, and explores a broad spectrum of harmonic relationships.

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