Saturday, July 14, 2012

DMC long overdue music update...

Lots of back-burner projects percolating:

As a gift to its participants, I will record music inspired by my solo music for the dance & theater developmental workshop piece at Harvard in 2011 by choreographer Liz Lerman, called Healing Wars, voiced by Bill Pullman & featuring some amazing dancers (Tamara Hurwitz Pullman, Lauren Simpson, Ali Ross & many others pro & student)



My ambient collaboration with Nick Gill of London WILL HAPPEN - back burner be damned!


I am working on a few of my own songs to include in the next Willard Grant Conspiracy record. Robert Fisher spent some time on the East Coast to develop music for it with me - we had a grand time reconnecting and playing… we recorded a bunch of his songs that i will add to as well…
 - stay tuned...


Thalia Zedek Band is in the midst of recording her latest record for Thrill Jockey - we hope it ends up on vinyl. Don't cry for drummer Dave Bryson, who has relocated to Argentina.


Empty House Cooperative will have a UK vinyl release by the beautiful hand-crafted label of David Hand called Lancashire and Somerset. The recording features a trio of early core members Jonah Sacks - cello, Chris Brokaw - guitar & melodica, and David Michael Curry - viola, coat-rack bass, singing saw, noise.


The Iron Guild will present a live spectacle iron pour event called "Molten Mayhem" at Mac Steel in Rutland Vermont, Saturday, September 1st, 2012, for which Empty House Cooperative will provide live musical accompaniment.


more info as it happens…

thanks for reading,

 - DMC

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