Monday, September 24, 2012

Empty House Cooperative at The Advent Library Concert Series - Friday, October 19, 2012

The Advent Library Concert Series is a monthly program that presents jazz, modern, folk, ethnic, and improvised music. The Library space is intimate and enchanting, and has a great sound for small acoustic groups, especially. The series is curated by Matt Samolis.
The Concerts are at the Church Library on the corner of Mt. Vernon & Brimmer Streets in Beacon Hill, Boston. Directions, parking info, and other church items may be found here:
Friday, October 19, 8pm $10. suggested donation

Variations for just quartet: 
Lou Cohen: wiimote and laptop, 
Randy Winchester: tuned glass, 
Petaluma Vale: harp, 
Matt Samolis: flute
Empty House Cooperative
 - David Michael Curry: viola etc. 
Jonah Sacks: cello etc
JaJuNo Trio
 - Noell Dorsey: voice, 
Jules Vasylenko: reeds, 
James Coleman: Theremin

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