Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Headed to Montreal...

...with Thalia Zedek & Daniel Coughlin for six days of recording, casual music fun, coffee, and used bookstores... late nights recording improvised music with Fluffy (as in "beard") and friends... to be joined briefly by Jonah Sacks, the cellist, and Chris Brokaw - one of the busiest musicians under the radar (but not for long...)

Hopefully, with the help of the whiz-kids from Fancy Recordings and Alien8, I will get the artwork together for Empty House Cooperative's first full-length studio release from "the church sessions - three sequences of improvisation".

Eleven musicians from Boston, New York City, and Montreal assembled at a church in upstate New York for a weekend of improvised music recorded by Bryce Goggin way back in May 20 & 21, 2001, the first to be released on Fancy Recordings. The other two sequences will eventually follow, somewhere, somehow...

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