Saturday, August 30, 2003


i don't "blog" very often... mostly the occasional newsflash or tour info (news to WHO??)... i usually keep fractured stream of conscious thoughts to myself... plenty of them in the head, like coal to the locomotive of the psyche... nobody really needs to know...

- news about HIGHWAY ULYSSES -

The September 2003 issue of AMERICAN THEATRE magazine includes the full annotated text of the play "Highway Ulysses", which the Empty House Cooperative had a part in as pit orchestra, and an interview (conducted by Tom Sellar) with playwright/composer Rinde Eckert, in which he discusses his motivations and development of the play, including a couple of paragraphs on the role of EHC.

- news about Willard Grant Conspiracy -

WGC is on a huge UK / Europe tour for about two months, in support of the new record "Regard the End", but I am not playing viola for this tour... I have too many projects happening on the home front, including painting a large part of a college, cleaning my apartment (yeah, right.), and getting my act together regarding the fine recordings I have of Empty House Cooperative. (I am slow indeed...) - I will miss seeing my pals in the band and my friends from Holland, the UK, Germany, Slovenia, Spain, Ireland, Italy, and Belgium... not a whole lot of touring happening for me right now.


well, maybe one or three fractured streams of conscious:

- I am currently enjoying the homebody-hermit thing that sometimes makes me nutty.

- a nasty heatwave broke last week... during the first cool, breezy day here in the Boston area, i was sitting in the "music room" and heard little popping sounds... my viola was adjusting to the climate change and the pegs slipped loose ... wood swells in humid hot weather, and shrinks in cooler weather... i played it with the floppy strings and got some fun sounds.

- will I still be fixated on orange creamsicles in winter?

- xox -

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