Monday, January 26, 2004

Empty House Cooperative full length release on SEDIMENTAL.

EHC music soon to be available in choice record stores, through distribution, and online with SEDIMENTAL RECORDS - a Boston area independent label specializing in improvisational music. Date to be announced, but possibly as early as May, 2004.

Recorded at the studio of WMBR, MIT's college radio station, the music features the trio of Jonah Sacks on cello, Chris Brokaw on guitar, & David Michael Curry on viola, loop samples, horn, & guitar. It was mastered at PEERLESS with Jeff Lipton.

This recording, still untitled, was formerly available briefly in France, as a limited edition of 50 copies on hinah webzine.

  • EHC limited edition, France - sold out.

  • There are several recordings of EHC, including three complete album sequences of a large ensemble assembled at a church recording studio in May, 2000 for a weekend of improvisation. These recordings will eventually be available in some more public way other than the personal hand-packaged versions that I have been giving to friends since those sessions were put to tape by Bryce Goggin - a well-established recording engineer who also recorded Thalia Zedek's first solo CD - "Been Here and Gone".

    Earlier reports of a church sequence to be released on "Fancy Recordings" in Montreal are now sadly out of date, as Fancy is on hiatus.

    EHC has had excellent support from friends in France - hinah webzine - music, photo, and art:

  • EHC free MP3s on hinah

  • xox