Wednesday, January 28, 2004

empty house cooperative solo show by DMC


  • Thursday, January 29, at 8pm, at Chelsea TheatreWorks, 189 Winnisimmet St. in Chelsea, MA.
    admission $10, $6 students

    A revolving program of Music, Theater, Dance, Performance Art, Poetry, Video & Sound Art.

    Featured works are two short plays and a dance theater piece, all directed by Caleb Hammond.

    Additionally, each night will feature a revolving program of talented performers, many local, others from New York, Connecticut and California. The performers and works selected represent a diverse range: from performance poetry, to neo-punk-rock to jazz and modern dance. The common theme is impassioned striving, the quest for a meaningful and affecting communion between artist, artwork, and audience.

    I'll be performing with viola, loops, saw, guitar, horn, etc... at 8pm, just before the plays.

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