Saturday, January 13, 2007

Jumbo - the Boston Circus Band...

At last, an easy way to check out the mythical beast known as JUMBO...
Inactive, but hopefully not extinct - check out the JUMBO MYSPACE PAGE.

I played in this band with many friends, and loved it.

Quote: Jumbo was formed by Hyde, the Conductor, and played the Boston area in the mid/late-90's, performing circus standards from the Sousa-era as well as one-shot projects, such as the Nutcracker Suite, Academy Award theme music night, and Tragical Mystery tour - all served up the unique Jumbo-style.

Hyde's concept was deceptively simple yet ear-shattering in execution: Get 20-40 amateur musicians and have them play old school circus classics from grade school sheet music on instruments they've never played before. Generally about half the band read music at any given time, while the rest would "wing-it."

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