Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Whipping Wires" solo DMC viola and feedback improvised music (Flashplayer & MP3)

Here is another piece of improvised music for you, along the lines of "sing and scream" but more aggressive with the feedback and manipulation of its overtones by blowing a toy superhero horn into the f-holes of the viola to warp the feedback... I'm also enjoying the fluid bass tones of the same loop underneath for both pieces, exploring a theme of heavy flowing hypnosis juxtaposed with whipping wire sounds and woody screaming vocal viola tones. These themes will often show up in a solo David Michael Curry or Empty House Cooperative show, and emanate from private musings in the home studio, which is not really a studio... just a random room in my apartment when I sense that the neighbors aren't around... sorry if I'm wrong about that, neighbors.

This uses Flashplayer. Follow this link and then look for "Download Original" on the right to get an MP3 (around 8 MB). Sorry it's not a direct link, it's a free hosting service. Sometimes there are other ads for things that might say "download", like for unrelated audio converters and such, so again, be careful that it's the blue music note and small plain blue text type saying "Download Original" on the right side of the page.

An experiment in sharing music... If a monthly download limit is reached, it may become temporarily unavailable, but somehow, I doubt that will happen.

- Enjoy.

- Dave

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