Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Pictures from "Thunderclaps and Iron Pours" by The Iron Guild, with music by Empty House Cooperative

Stormy weather was the theme of the Iron Guild's September 4, 2010 iron pour in Rutland, Vermont at Mac Steel scrapyard. "Thunderclaps and Iron Pours" used a massive stage setting constructed of towers and tanks, sculpture torches, fire, molten iron lightening bolt rivers, and sparkling showers of flaming curtains of steel wool. Thundering cannon shots and fireworks helped celebrate the elements. Live musical accompaniment by Empty House Cooperative featured viola, guitar, waves of amplified feedback, home-made instruments, loops and pre-recorded sounds from nature. Members of the Iron Guild worked their magic with the fiery cupola furnace & molten metal and danced among sparks in leather protective gear.

Below is the music from the almost one hour long event, followed by pictures showing preparations, the music setup, and the iron pour.

also - come to the Halloween Iron Pour at the Steel Yard in Providence, Rhode Island on October 29, 2010:

EHC for IRON GUILD Sept 4, 2010 DMC solo by emptyhouse


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