Wednesday, December 03, 2008

David Michael Curry - "a small wall of sound" MP3

Another experiment in sharing music...
Viola, guitar, and I've dusted off the old clarinet for some amateur skronk. I'm still exploring a favorite subject of feedback drones. Not much thought put into this... just letting it flow.

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To get an MP3, follow this link and then look for "Download Original"  next to a picture of a blue musical note on the right of the page (around 12 or 13 MB). Sorry it's not a direct link, it's a free hosting service. Sometimes there are other ads for things that might say "download", like for unrelated audio converters and such, so again, be careful that it's the blue music note and small plain blue text type saying "Download Original".

If a monthly download limit is reached, it may become temporarily unavailable, but somehow, I doubt that will happen.

Other pieces in the series:

"EHC soundcheck November 9, 2006"

"whipping wires"

"sing and scream"


- Dave.

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